How To Choose Mennonite Furniture

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Mennonite furniture is well crafted handmade furniture with quality designed to last for generations. Solid wood is used and pieces may be mixed and matched for a look that says home.

The Mennonites were Russian immigrants looking for a better life in the United States and Canada. They settles in states such as Nebraska and Canada and adapted to the North American lifestyle. The immigrants brought with them a traditional carpentry style that showed in their home building skills as well as the way in which they made furniture pieces.

As years passed, carpenters died off. It became an almost extinct style of furniture making. Now, there are not as many woodworkers following the tradition as there were in years past. Finding those that have been able to pick up on how the furniture is crafted is a bonus.

Before buying furniture, insure the company selling the product is legitimate. Often with handcrafted pieces there are plenty of companies that sell furniture that has no authentic background. Even with pieces that are ordered to a certain style, they are not massed produced, so there will be variances in the similar. Look for a lifetime guarantee from brokers when making a selection.

Originally the wealthier could afford to have their furniture inlaid. Those unable to afford this design style would create their pieces so that they appeared inlaid.

The furniture, especially beds are often multipurpose. At night they are used for sleeping, while in the day, they are additional seating. There are beautiful cabinets to choose from, darling cribs, and even wooden sheds. Any pieces that can be made from wood are available. One bonus for those interested in Mennonite furniture is that many of the carpenters grow their own wood. It keeps the tradition going long after original settlers have passed on.


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